Let's freestart!

Let us restart in a free and human way!

Use #LetsFreestart and invite your fellows and society to restart in a free and fresh way.


What kind of world do we want to live in?

Not just the Corona virus, warlike conflicts and climate change alone, but also the handling of it and the countermeasures led to great challenges, worldwide suffering and a rift through society. Old thought patterns have been dissolved and it is now up to us to shape together a global future that we find good and worth living!

Let us rethink tomorrow! Together, courageously and appreciatively.


This is how we understand
Let’s Freestart!


Let’s Freestart!

[lɛts friːstɑːt] – #LetsFreestart
Let us restart in a free and new way!

Neologism for the appeal to start together free & new with the firm will,

  1. to recognize different positions (in a conflict/project) and
  2. openly, fairly, respectfully and with real liveliness to develop solutions together.



Let’s Freestart!

[lɛts friːstɑːt] – #LetsFreestart
Lasst uns freistarten!

Kunstbegriff für den Appell, gemeinsam frei & neu zu starten mit dem festen Willen,

  1. unterschiedliche Positionen anzuerkennen (in einem Konflikt/ Vorhaben) und
  2. offen, fair, respektvoll sowie mit echter Lebendigkeit miteinander Lösungen zu entwickeln.



Let’s Freestart!

[lɛts friːstɑːt] – #LetsFreestart
¡Vamos a arrancar en libertad!  

Término de arte para la apelación para comenzar libre & nuevo junto con la voluntad de la firma,

  1. reconocer las diferentes posiciones (en un conflicto/proyecto) y
  2. desarrollar juntos soluciones de forma abierta, justa, respetuosa y con verdadera vivacidad.




Let’s Freestart!

[lɛts friːstɑːt] – #LetsFreestart
Redémarrons d’une manière libre et nouvelle !  

Terme artistique pour l’appel à recommencer ensemble librement & à nouveau avec la ferme volonté,

  1. reconnaître les différentes positions (dans un conflit/projet) etp
  2. pour élaborer des solutions de manière ouverte, équitable, respectueuse et avec une réelle vivacité.

Our Planet Earth - Photo by NASA on Unsplash


Take a step back
and re-evaluate!

Sometimes it takes a little distance to be able to freely and consciously assess the things around us. What astronauts describe as the overview effect, we can also use for ourselves: Take a step back and see the world around us from a different perspective! Recognize possible alternative ways as well as sustainable possibilities and start freely and anew!


The world needs a shared vision.
And you.

The future does not happen passively. It is not predetermined but can be determined by everyone. Future forecasts are calculated probabilities from the past. Visions, on the other hand, describe living spaces of possibility for tomorrow.

With a clear global vision of a future worth living, we can develop a global sense of purpose and receive orientation and motivation. A big world view allows us to face the future together purposefully, confidently and full of strength.

Don’t give up, stay curious: Never stop asking!


How can we build and share trust and confidence?

What keeps us healthy and optimistic?

What kind of togetherness do we desire?



Do we recognize and value the gift of an intact environment?

Are impacts on the environment and climate man-made? If so, how can we reduce them?

How many goods, energy and raw materials do we need?




How much peace and meaning do we need?

What is the value of free spirit, mindfulness and creativity?




What does freedom mean and when + to whom do I want to cede some of it?

How much control and leadership do we want to allow?

What is the importance of religion and faith?



Get into the flow of your own future!

Not only thinking the better, but also doing the better will decide how our future will be. Experience the future present and shape it now! Appreciative, consciously and with love.

Eyes open,
Head on

Active, personal engagement with one’s environment and the question „What kind of world do we want to live in?“



and Alignment

Exchange with others for alignment and expansion of own vision and mutual motivation


Shaping and leading by example

Conscious participation in social life, in organizations and/or politics


Start own initiatives

Initiate own actions or found organizations




Set a sign and let’s start free and new together for an open, fear-free and respectful world!


About us

We are inhabitants of this uniquely beautiful world and deeply convinced that we as individuals create our future ourselves – in thinking, feeling and shaping the world. With #LetsFreestart, we invite you to join forces as humanity for a future that we all find good and worth living.